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Welcome! Here at S&A Babycakes, you have the ability to make all your baby's dreams come true. Girls can look and feel like pretty princesses with the stylish, handmade fairy princess wands and tutus (ranging from babies to toddlers). Boys and girls both can enjoy having their very own stuffed animals, that reside upon some of our illustrious diaper cakes. For those with a sweet tooth we have diapers in the shape of candy and sundae-topped diaper cakes. We hope you will enjoy this website and tell all your friends.


Our First Blog!

Welcome to our first blog post! I am pretty excited about it, but bare with us, we are new at this whole blog thing, so stay with us untill we figure it all out!

I will tell yall about our business, we are family operated, its my soon to be mother and sister in law and myself. We just started, it was kind of a random thing.I was actually making a diaper cake for a friend, and my mother in law walks in and says lets start a business!

Two weeks later, after we worked non stop making diaper cakes and tutu's we entered in our first craft show. We were all so excited about it, ready to show our cakes off, and make a little cash, which is always a good thing!

I myself have always been intrested in crafts and sewing, before i met my fiance i had my own little business making Tutu's, i loved it!
Not only did I make a little christmas cash, I enjoyed the people I met, I enjoyed seeing the little girls wear my tutu's.
Made me feel good knowing I made a child happy and excited about something! There smiles are so priceless!

Anywho, I am super excited to start this business, not only do I get to do what I love to do, i get to build a bond with my mother and sister in law!

Hopefully we will have pictures up soon, of some of our cakes and tutu's and a few other odd and end things, we have made.

I am hoping that we can expand to just more than tutu's and diaper cakes. Let us know what you think about our pics when we post them!

Plus we do take custom orders, on both tutu's and diaper cakes. We will need about a month notice for the cakes and at least 2 weeks for tutu's.

I will post avaliable colors for the tutu's soon, as well as prices for everything we have already made. If you have a custom order, cost may or may not be same as prices listed on here, all depends on our what we have stocked up at the time, and if we will have to order a special color!

I hope i didnt bore you to much, and i hope you stick around our blog, and keep up with us!

Pics will hopefully be up soon.

Remember every little girl should feel like a princess, so let us help her feel that way!

Have a awesome day and check back in soon!

God Bless,

S&A  Cakes

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